08 August 2007

100 Degrees Fahrenheit

Current temperature in Chesapeake, VA not including the above 90% humidity.

I am in the pre-packing stages of my trip across the face of the North American continent in one month's time. This is where you pile up all your belongings in stacks to see exactly how many boxes you need to haul them in. I lost count after 40 or so which means some of the stuff will have to stay here, be sold, or given away.

Except the National Geographics. Some of these puppies are 50-years-old, and who throws away NG magazines?


Is it the yellow border? The pictures of naked Botswani tribal women riding zebras? The stories about 16-year-old kids that tour the world alone on their private sailboat? The Polar adventurers? The maps?

Growing up, I decorated most of my bedroom walls with National Geographic maps.

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kludge said...

For those of us who never end up going anywhere, but wish we could see the world, National Geographic is a staple.

Their photographers could make resort towns look desolate, mysterious and inviting...