15 August 2007

A Light Paradigm Shift

Suppose that light, all the light in the universe, all the photons taken together simultaneously as a whole (this might be bad grammar, but hey, it's 3:30 AM), is really a single entity. And that when one measures the position of a photon, one is really measuring one aspect of light, when in reality, light has it's fuller existence in a higher plane of reality than ourselves. That is, light is in it's fuller form, in a higher dimension than us 3-dimensional humans. So when one measures the location of a photon, it is analogous to measuring one side of a crystal, when in fact, the crystal has many sides.

So, when you you perform your measurements using 3-D tools, from our perspective, what you measure is a 3-D aspect of light. This would explain all the mysteriousness of the famous double-slit experiments, and how every photon and electron seems to know the location of every other sub-atomic particle.

It's all the same creature. Make sense?

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