24 August 2007

Washington State

I do not think I shall be going here as soon as I had planned. I simply don't feel quite right about this little journey I had planned in great detail. Something about it bothers me and I hate being confused and not knowing all the facts. Too many unknowns.

Some stuff about me:

I find it really difficult to not micromanage. I see other people at work, and when they leave, sometimes (I must admit) I re-do what they did because. . .you know, their results just don't look right.

When I have an opinion, and know I am right, only God himself can make me change my mind. And sometimes, He has to almost speak audibly to do so.

I find it terribly difficult to just help people, especially when others are more willing to step in. I either do not help, or do everything by myself. There is no in-between.

I detest incompetence and laziness with a passion bordering on fanatic. If I think somebody is one of these two things, I have been known to ignore them completely or step on their head.

Misspelled words irritate me to no end.


jen staab said...

you should reconsider washington, its not so bad here.

oh, and i really just wanted to say, about the book, the unbearable lightness of being, that i cannot really recommend the book, though i like it very much... if you know what i mean.


Jason said...

I think Washington is the most beautiful state (with the possible exception of Alaska). Perhaps I will move there when I am older. I want to move there now, but I think God wants me here in Virginia.

I think if I move to WA, I would have to change my name to Jonah.

kludge said...

Wow. Obviously you know what's going on in your life. I'm sorry (or delighted) for you. I hope works out...

Oh, Annd this last sentance is just becuase I'm such an ecellent spellar! :) Enjoy!