22 August 2007


Trapped in Belbury.

This is how I feel right now. . .and no Jane either.

Some of you know what I mean.

Everything seems to be going great, until you meet the ghost of Whither.

The spirit of Whither that seems to follow you around and won't leave you alone. Try as hard as you might, you cannot escape. For how can one escape from a wandering spirit?

You simply go through Life on the path that lays before you, doing what you do, and then. . .everything comes crashing down. Or rather, slowly erodes.

Then one ceases being creative, melancholy sits in the seat where happiness used to dwelt, and Whither walks by. . .old man Whither. . .humming his dreadful tune. . .

Always humming.

After a time, everything becomes meaningless, like wind chasing. Nothing really matters, or so it seems. And one thinks that all one has done in Life was for nought.

Is it Depression?

Nope. It's a battle between the mind and the spirit.


Teresa said...

Hey Jason,

Your post kind of reminds me of my favorite book in the Bible, Ecclesiastes. I like the new site design by the way.

Jason said...

I like Ecclesiastes too. I find myself thinking like the writer the older I get.

I'm not so sure this is a good sign.