10 June 2008

Return of the Blogger

Today's Weather in Virginia Beach, America: HI 100°F

The new house: The previous occupants here tamed the squirrels to eat out of your hand. They did this using peanuts. Now, when one sits in the backyard reading the newspaper, three or four little gray squirrels scamper around looking at you with little brown eyes wondering when you're going to break out the Planters. I gave them some dry-honey roasted soy beans, but apparently they're not proper nuts.

There's also an Asian market nearby. An amazing place where one can buy dry salted cuttlefish, seaweed burritos the size of a stove top, rotisserie ducks hanging upside down in what looks to be a refurbished industrial-sized popcorn popper (with the beaks still attached), and lots of fish and rice. It's also a good place to buy China.

The mailbox is also home to a large brown bird, which makes sense, since it resembles a white barn. You have to be very careful when getting the mail. . .like tapping on the roof first so as to not startle the bird. . .lest the creature fly at you. Something tells me it will be moving soon.


jennifer joy staab said...

can we trade weather for a day?

Jason said...

I will look into the situation.