05 April 2006

Updatin' the Wiggleblog

Half an hour ago a dog called me on the phone. It must have been a dog since it was barking.

After a few seconds a voice goes "Jason?...Jason?"

Does this mean dogs can utter speech like us humans? If true, this opens a world of possibilities for communication theorists everywhere. Not to mention the huge unopen market for: ipods for dogs...and what would we call ipods for dogs???

dogpods, terrierpods, icollies, ishepherds, seeing-eye idogs...this could get confusing.

And what does one call ipods for marshwiggles?



and should a dufflepud...or a monopod...use a lilypod what would one call it?

dufflepod, mon-i-pod...(sounds like a rap group)

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