03 April 2006

Escrivez maintenant

I did not race Saturday. Long story, let's just say I simply was not prepared.

I feel like my name is Drudge and I'm a servant to Mr. Sensible in the dungeon of the Spirit of the Age. That's putting it mildly.

Saturday was my 14th birthday. I became a Christian exactly 14 years to that day...April's Fools Day...and that's no joke. Was it a coincidence. Perhaps. I truly think not. I'm not sure there are such things as coincidences in the grande scheme of Life. Think hard about this. God is the author of Life, of everything...the first cause of the effect known as History. He knows everything and in this great book he's writing is well aware of every 'coincidence.' If he knows when every sparrow dies, think it no accident that a man becomes a Christian on April Fool' Day. I'm sure he's got his reasons. Will we ever know why? Again...perhaps.

Why does God not tell us everything we ask him? Are we not capable of comprehending it? Must be. When I was 3 I was absolutely flabbergasted when I was trying to hide from my mom under a clothes basket. I felt certain that I was invisible to her. I even growled like a dragon to make her think that some dreadful creature lay under her little green see-through basket.

I would like to write more but I've a thousand things to do today.

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