22 April 2006

The Wedding

Theodore and Carolyn are officially husband and wife now and presumably are on their way to Jamaica. Knowing my cousin, he may end up in Europe...Anyways. It was good to see alot of the family from Maine to Florida to Oklahoma and all points in-between.

I sat beside one 4 year old relative who besides being bored, was very hungry. After discovering his napkin wasn't edible he proceeded to chew the petals on the rose that was pinned to his jacket. Fortunately, he got some food which he ate with his fingers. Non-finger food that is.

The garter toss was...ummmm....let's just say some guys can't catch well. Ted eventually stood about 3 feet from a guy and practically handed it to him. There was lots of applause. I think when I get married, I'm keeping the garter. I'll put it in my pocket and tell the other guys if they want womans underware go to the mall and get it yourself.

Ted and Carolyn started seeing one another seriously around the first of 2005. He finally proposed marriage the first weekend in October of last year. It must be nice being married now.

I'd prefer a small wedding, but I'm not choosy. Perhaps there will be 1,000 people...who knows. I've not met her yet. Not to my immediate knowledge anyways. Will I know her when we first meet? I cannot answer that question. Once I thought yes, now...let's say I've been musing a lot lately. It's that time of the year again. Springtime. Weddings. New Life.

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