03 June 2006


Help, I need somebody,Help, not just anybody,Help, you know I need someone, help.

My apartment needs decorating. I have narrowed it down to 3 choices.

1. Middle Eastern motif: When I was in Kathmandu, I picked up some neat little trinkets...a couple statues, an incense holder, three handwoven yak sweaters, a hand-carved wooden cobra with a missing eye...stuff I can build on. Maybe throw in a few ancient Egyptian false gods and goddesses from E-bay. And, I'm thinking since the carpet is a Saharan Desert tan, this would complement everything quite nicely.

2. Antique/Colonial American motif: I love wood. Wood amuses me. Conceivably, one day I will have an entire house comprised almost entirely of wood...wooden floors, wooden cabinets, a library with paneled wood (along with 10,000 books on every subject imaginable), grandfather clocks...stuff you'd find in an Eddie Bauer catalog.

3. Neo-Post Modern motif: I own exactly one item that could conceivably fit into this category (my computer.) This would be a start from scratch kind of deal and really not me. However, a third option was needed.

Current motif: which can be described as neatly piled stacks of books and not so neatly stacked (some would say...jumbled) piles of paper arranged into topics like bills, miscellaneous, work, miscellaneous, random notes, telephone #'s, more random notes, and miscellaneous.

My only caveat is...it must be unique and creative. (One of the benefits of a stimulating environment is that the brain exhibits increased neuronal synthesis, and greater cell-to-cell axon adhesion, thus allowing more linkages and pathways for mental events such as thinking, feeling, language processing...yada...yada...yada to occur.) Anyways...I've been drinking lots of coffee and Mt. Dew today :)...and so es muy importante that somebody gives me good, sound, whole, rational, advice because...you never know. I could come up with a great epiphanous idea that would change the future course of history, or...should the wrong motif prevail...like your typical Leningrad apartment...I might be forced into a dull, grey, lifeless, gloomy, life-long depression of which there would be no hope of my ever recovering from. And eventually...I would pack...and move to a cave, alone.

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