14 June 2006


I've been robbed!

Burglarized, stolen from,. . .thieves have paid our apartment complex a visit and stolen our washer and dryer. Seriously. Sometime in the last two days (nobody knows when) some hoodlums came in and picked up our W/D, along with the quarters that we painstakingly put in them. I called the lease manager and he said it would be a few weeks to get a replacement.

A few weeks!!! How long does it take to get a new W/D? An hour? Really.

My biceps are a full inch larger than they were in January. Why? I think all the weight-lifting is paying off.

This is the last year I am ever going to rent. Next year I'm buying a house, condo, castle or something.


jen staab said...

the outgoing mailbox at my apt complex was broken into last night. you know, theives are really not the smartest. once i had someone break into my house...they took the change in the jar on the dresser but not the 20 dollar bill pinned to the wall...

Jason said...

I think there's some kind of unwritten law that says 'All thieves must be inherently stupid.' If they were smart, they wouldn't have to steal Maytags and Whirlpools.