22 June 2006

Fierce Gatorade

An actual drink.

It tastes like a popsicle, which of course reminded me of eating popsicles as a little kid. I craved banana-flavored popsicles. All other flavors were mere 2nd class ice foods. My sole purpose in eating them was to get the stick. I saved popsicle sticks. . .not sure if this was a West Virginia thing or not. I had a dream to collect enough popsicle sticks to eventually build either a huge basket or a wooden castle-depending on how many I collected. So one day I'm in a hobby store with my mom who was buying plastic eyes and what do I see?

A BOX of popsicle sticks.


I could scarcely contain my enthusiam. I felt I should inform my mother of this treasure. I said,"Mom-they sell boxes of UNLICKED popsicle sticks here!!! Do you know what this means?

Unfortunately, she didn't agree with my logic of purchasing every single box in the building. Not even one. That was a sad sad day for me. And so, we left the hobby shop with nary more than a few plastic eyeballs.

1 comment:

world champ stephen neal said...

Nice work. Let us know what you make from your sticks!