19 June 2006

No word yet on the dirty rotten clean thieves

I'm looking for them. Everytime a see a suspicious-looking character with extra clean clothes, I take note.

At the lab: This is bizaar. We got a new janitor who felt the need to clean at 3 o'clock in the morning. When the janitors come, they use the front door, and have the ability to enter the building unseen and unheard by any unsuspecting chemists in the back of the building. So one night the new janitor enters at 3 AM while a certain chemist is busy performing some routine task. This chemist (who shall remain nameless) heard some sort of snuffling wheezing sound. He looks over his right shoulder and sees the head of a small black man, with wacked out hair and a little pointy demonic-looking gotee staring at him. The unnamed chemist asks, "who are you?" The janitor (who had some sort of larynx problem and is unable to speak properly and sounds like a grizzly bear, makes some sort of attempt at speech. Chem-guy doesn't understand grizzy so just stares...because he's...you know interested in things like meeting perfect strangers in the middle of the night who sneak up on you unannounced and growl like furry animals when he should in fact be nestled snug in bed sound asleep with his beautiful young wife and dreaming of sugary-food items like sugar plums dancing the polka. The speech-impaired black man strolls over and asks, "what are you doing?" Feeling talkative he explains how he's been blowing up, melting, and incinerating chemicals at very high temperatures and pressures all night long because he gets paid money and went to college far too long to do anything else in life. He nods knowingly.

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