14 July 2006


West Virginia people call opossums. . .or is it opossum?. . .Possoms. And when we run over one, we call them o-possoms. I ran over an o-possum very early this morning. Like 5 AM this morning, and felt really bad doing so as it was a youngish-looking marsupial with a full life ahead of it. Apparently, they don't have 9 lives.

The local Barnes and Noble does not have the middle book of Ted Dekker's Circle trilogy. This fact, coupled with a thunderstorm, made it a dark day here in Christendom. Hence, I will buy it on amazon.com.

Some random thoughts in my mind today:

-"Yeah though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil. Because I've got these two massive sticks to beat dark creatures to a pulp with. "

-"Why didn't MacPhee and Grace Ironwood get married at the end of 'That Hideous Strength.'???

-Why is my apartment 92 degrees inside when the outside temperature is also 92 degrees, when the air conditioner has been on 24/7 for the past week and the thermostat set on. . .oh, about 60?


Anonymous said...

Did you know that possums (pronounced as such) in New Zealand look like teddybears and not scary dirtywhite rats? This may or may not make them more upsetting to run over with a car.

Jason said...

I think in that case. . .I would weep