26 July 2006

Return of the Shadow

In a few minutes, I will, for the 10th time, at least, re-read the Lord of the Rings. I've been reading alot of books edited by his oldest son on how Tolkien wrote LOTR.

What I find interesting is how Tolkien thought Gandalf was originally a lower order angel that, when he went to Middle-Earth, shed his extra-dimensional capabilities and had to re-learn everything once getting there.

There is a family of raccoons that visits the lab parking lot pretty much on a regular basis. A big one and 5-6 little ones. I think it's part of their territory. They make it a point to inspect all the dumpsters and should any doors be left open, well, naturally they inspect those as well.

In exactly one month, my sister will be moving in with me. Is it temporary? We shall see. I've not had a room-mate in 5 years. This should be interesting.

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