27 July 2006

Aliens and Fur

The bulk of this entry was created on exactly one hour and fifteen minutes of sleep and, if it's not coherent totally not, you why know.

Close encounters of the 4th kind: This is where you think you're the alien. Has anybody else experienced this? This 4th kind? They say it happens alot with geniuses and madmen. So. . .if you're smart, witty, linguistically-gifted, and speak in complete paragraphs that can stand unedited in the New Yorker,you might know.

Some people's affection for large dogs has me thinking. Suppose that all animals (at least mammals) were rational sentient creatures as ourselves. Would we have any need for pets? I would think not. After spending 3 hours with Harry and the Hendersons, our need for cute, fuzzy, cuddly creatures with slobbery dispositions would ebb. What do you think?

I think Malacandra is a good name for a castle.

Will blog more later. The mother ship calls.


Anonymous said...

i'm a dragon
my name is J'Karrah

do you believe there are dragons?

Anonymous said...

A dragon?

You are so stupid. Dragons are not real.

Anonymous said...

J'Karrah is the 'dragon' who draws those stupid dragon pictures that look all the same. There is no variety whatever in them.

She is in her forties or fifties. I think she should grow up.

You're right. Dragons are not real; they are a figment of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Dragons? Ha ha ha ha ha

Get a life, Jkarrah, or whatever your real name is.

If you're a dragon, I'm Zarkon from outer space.