18 July 2006

Time Out

My life was on hold for the past two days because I have been suffering from a migraine. A painful condition that feels like two ice-picks jammed into your skull. I thought that after bowing down to a certain local deity and lying curled up in the fetal position for hours at a time would make it go away. Instead I ended up vomited so hard, I gave myself two black eyes.

Then my air conditioner ceased worked properly. Wait. . .it works but not that well. Maybe I'm just delerious. Hard to say. They say that when you die, or are very close to it, your life passes through your very eyes. Yesterday, I clearly remember reciting every teacher's name I ever had from middle school. Remembered their faces and everything. I was in more pain than I realized


jen staab said...

bummer. i've had a similar experience. its not fun.

Jason said...

It's over now. I just wish I could remember how it began. Probably from sniffing too much mosquito repellant.