21 July 2006

Le Tour

July. Tour de France time. No Lance. Lance is gone. Along with half the best riders left. Except Floyd. Floyd's in France. Floyd. The Great White Hope. Floyd from PA. The Mennonite. A Mennonite just won a stage on the Tour de France. An Alpine stage. A mountain stage with one unclassified climb its so steep. Floyd. This must be another sign of the Apocalypse. Floyd can win the Tour tomorrow if he beats the two Spaniards in the time trial. Think of it. Floyd the Mennonite winning the worlds most prestigious bicycle race. Raised on goat cheese and corn and going to school in the shadows of steel mills.

I'm looking for a castle in the Alps. Ideally one that is near L'Ape d'Huez so I can watch it from my front porch.


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