12 September 2006

The brand spanking new Wigglepad

Unfortunately, this computer won't recognize any photos of the place except this one which is the very first thing one sees when walking through the door. What one actually sees when walking through the front door is an aquarium with 2 fighting fish, a Bob Dylan poster, some plants, a treasure chest, some cardboard boxes, and a hand-made wooden cobra with ruby eyes guarding a small wooden chest containing approximately $50 worth of Nepalese rupees, a golden ring (not THE ring of course), and two nice Gneiss rocks collected from Mt. Everest Base camp.

And one might also see a replica of van Gogh's Starry Night and Salvador Dali's Persistence of Memory.

Should you wish to call me, however, you might find it difficult since a certain telecommunications company, which we'll called Horrorizon, has been mysteriously unable to provide me with anything like telephone service for the past three weeks.

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