06 September 2006

Just Life


This is the one week anniversary of my moving into a new apartment.
It's also the one week anniversary of Verizon telephone company being unable to reconnect my service.
And. . .It's the one week anniversary of not having an internet connection (This entry is being made on somebody else's computer)

It is strange having a roommate after the better part of a decade. And when it's your sister, whom you've only seen an average of once or twice a year since the late 90s, it's even stranger.

I must remind myself to stop talking to myself.


kludge said...

I always talk to myself.

I like to deal with a higher class of person.

Jason said...

Like I just told myself,
"Really, Jason. Caste societies are highly underrated."

I found myself having a conversation with myself today at the grocery store. . .scary