13 September 2006

The new manshack and some philosophy

Here, ladies and gentlehobbits is the new place. . .the new castle. . .which during hurricanes has a fairly cool moat.

And now, some philosophy. . .

"Every ant knows the formula of its anthill
Every bee knows the formula of its beehive
They know it in their own way, not ours
Only mankind does not know its formula"

--Fyodor Dostoevsky

And thus we rely on alternate means to make meaning of Life. Means that were not meant to be used, or rather, we use our faculty of logic which is an attempt to reduce everything down to biology. I'm talking Survival of the Fittest, Reductionism, the Law of the Jungle.

This is the natural inclination of mankind when he forgets, or fails to realize, that there exists a spiritual reality far more concrete than the physical reality we observe with our biological senses. The one composed of atoms, molecules, electrons, quarks, and muons all the way up to planets, solar systems, and galaxies.

When a civilization fails to acknowledge the unseen, all it's decisions must be based on the seen. In due course, that civilization must decline, like Rome.

But you say, "Well, in a hedonistic society like 2006 America, we're doing pretty good."

That's because we are living on the moral capital of the last 200 years. Furthermore, are modern Americans really better off now than they were in, say, the 1950's?

Most people I see are obese, dull-witted, and unable to think an original thought more than twice a week (I'm trying to be nice here).

It seems to me that we are losing the moral momentum of the previous generations, and are slowing down, fast, due to the friction of immorality.


kludge said...


Great post. Cool castle, nice moat, pretty mushrooms....

I coudn't agree more. America has lost it's moral compass. The more we say, the more it is realized, and the better off we are.

Jason said...

The pretty mushrooms are edible. At least to squirrels and this fat little rabbit who stalks the parking lot at night.