12 September 2006

Yes, miracles do happen

At precisely 10:19 A.M. as I lay sleeping in bed, with one cocked open staring at the little green led on my dsl modem,(The one that has not been on for 3 weeks),I witnessed a miracle. I heard a pop! and lo! the little green light came on!

Hurriedly, I picked up my phone to congratulate the copper-wire-using Horrorizon telecommunications ogre on arriving to the 21st century and heard voices talking. . .Voices of people that do not live in this apartment. . .and classical music.

In time, the voices ceased and the music stopped. A man then called asking if I wanted to test drive a BMW.

"Not right now," I'm still sleeping.

Another phone call. This time a different man called asking if I lived in the apartment beside mine. . .the one with the two old people and barking dog that keeps licking it's chops every time it sees me.

"No, I live here, not there."

OK, so he comes over here, as opposed to there, and asks if my dsl works. And it did, and still does. And I am still in shock and awe.

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