05 January 2007

Job Interview

Job interview today. I do not do well at these things. Today's session consisted of 3 men and a lady drilling me with questions for 45 minutes. I felt perfectly relaxed, but I think they wanted me to speak more. What I really wanted to say was,

"Hi! My name is Jason. I have an IQ of 150, have never done drugs, and I promise to never steal pencils or surf the net on company time. Hire me. You'll be happy."

It's going to be 75 degrees tomorrow.

I 'heart' global warming.

1 comment:

kludge said...

I hope the interview went well. Sounds like you gave them the jest of it. What more do they need?!

I heard it told that interviewers alway want you to ask at least one question...

"Is that a whig?" isn't a good one.