20 January 2007

Things are coming to a point

Things are coming to a point.

With technology moving so fast, today's world is one big community. You can be anywhere on this planet in 2 days. From Virginia Beach, it is 4-5 hours to LAX. 20 hours to Tokyo. 5 hours to Bangkok. 20 hours back to New York. Then an hour or so back here.

5+20+5+22+1=53 hours

OK, so two and a half days to circumnavigate the globe. Pretty good considering it took Magellan (or some other Portuguese guy) over a year merely 500 years ago.

666. The number of man. What does this mean? Probably exactly what it says. . .the number of man, that is, the number of all the people on the planet, which currently is 6.6 billion.

Something very significant must happen soon in the world that will profoundly affect the next millennium. What. . .I don’t know. The rapture of the Church comes to mind. I know these macro cycles seem to come at 1,000 year intervals.

Adam-6,000 B.C.
Noah’s Flood destroying everything 1,500 years later.
2,000 years after Adam came Abraham.
1,000 years later came King David.
1,000 years later, God himself came as a human to set the world right again.
1,000 years after that. . .I’m not exactly sure, but something probably highly significant took place, and it wasn’t just Magna Carta.

Now we’re here, at the beginning of the seventh millennium on God’s little planet. Like squirrels chattering all day long. God has already written the book, we’re the characters, and anybody with any sense whatsoever should know something’s about to give. The good keep getting more refined, the bad are getting more perverse, scoffers and mockers are running their mouths off like runaway trains.

Jezebel has declared she is running for President. . .(this requires a separate posting)

It is now, theoretically possible to clone a human by taking cells from a human female. (Would it be human???)

Probably not.

It would be an abomination of mankind. A perfect mockery of humankind.

I don’t think God would allow all these wonderful gadgets we’ve produced in the last decade to be made if it wasn’t designed for his purpose. Sure, bad men are perverting the digital highways, but the poor and stupid will always be with us. It’s no accident that one can pick up a cell phone, take a picture of one ’s self, and e-mail it to somebody in Mongolia within seconds. Look at the time Jesus arrived. Shortly after Rome united a world of barbarians and made a good safe system of roads. It’s genius. God using Satan to build the superstructure necessary for His purposes.


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kludge said...

An interesting post. Certainly something to think about.

I think all would hope to be living near the end times, and I don't have any trouble with speculation on the events and time line of God.

We just also need to stay rooted in this world and working to bring others to a knowledge of Christ.

J Crew said...

It is interesting to think about. I agree with Kludge. With these truths in mind, we should be living and telling the gospel and praying that God will save their soul