03 January 2007

There's a moon out tonight

Isn't this pretty much always the case?

Tonight, Orion was playing under the full orb of Luna. And at exactly 2:00AM EST, both could be seen over the building where we chemistry people prep the samples for analyses.

I waited in the Starbucks drive-thru so long today, that I discovered two four-leaf clovers.

We won the Gator Bowl. We, as in, the WVU football team and Me. (Or is it I) English was never my favorite subject in school. I had an English teacher who wrote on the chalkboard.

'I don't have no fun at the beach.'

And she asked me how I would I correct this problem. I told her "get a boyfriend, thing's will pick up for you." That was a long semester.

So, Them and Me. . .Us. . .won the Gator bowl. Beat Georgia Tech 38-35, and without our best player.

After working the night shift in a chemistry lab for the past two years and sleeping during the day, I have come to the conclusion that I miss the Sun. I mean, I see it two days out of the week, but I think humans work better physiologically when the sun is shining. . .at least in your hemispere. One of my new year's resolutions is to limit my average caffeine consumption to less than 100 mg/24 hour period except during emergencies. Emergency, in this case, being a nebulous term which can change definitions anytime the spirit moves me. Kind of like how Evolutionists change the meaning of the term evolution when discussing all things biology. (Can you tell I made a trip to 7-11 tonight to buy a bottle of Mountain Dew. . .Tis true. I doth splurged and drinketh the cup of the gods.

Currently reading: nothing at all because I'm typing. But if I wasn't, I'd be reading

The Food of the Gods
The Lost World
The Bible
and the back of the cereal box (which is not a book, rather a sort of pamphlet that also functions as a wall for little boys to stare at when they don't want to see their little sister chew with her mouth open when she's sitting across from you at 6 in the morning)

Jason, please go to sleep now. It's almost daylight.

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