08 October 2007


Madness is most definitely the end result of an over analytical mind subject to extended periods of solitary. NASA, or some private space company, on a mission to Mars would be wise to keep the astronauts busy with extremely complex tasks to forestall this insanity. Like it or not, an atheist should never be sent to the red planet. A married couple would be best as two men or two women would kill one another.

Looking for evidence?

Who do you argue with the most growing up? Most likely your siblings, as they're the ones you spend the most time with. I know from personal experience that what is a slight irritation with a co-worker can, and does, eventually lead to thoughts that best not be published online as. . .certain things can be taken the wrong way by those looking for. . .perhaps I should stop here.

The spaceship must must contain an area where one can go and be alone for as long as necessary. . .for peace, and quiet, and solitude. A place to be alone with one's thoughts and. . .let's see. . .a soundproof room would be fantastic. (A soundproof room would be great right now). The ship also mustn't contain weapons as it is almost inevitable one will be tempted to use them to, say. . .to smack the co-Mars-traveler over the head to stop his. . .singing?. . .hand-clapping?. . .(great! now he's pointing at the wall and heckling!). . .and , um, dancing. Did I mention I'm writing this (wrote this) blog entry late at night at work in the same room. . .with others. Yeah, stress. Now..I'm feeling it. Yep. Apparently, Jason does have a breaking point. . .and has emotions, and can under extreme duress be. . .forced to. . .I think now I should make myself busy. . .Thank God I can clock out soon. I would hate to post my next blog entry from prison.

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kludge said...

Sounds like a hoot. I'm only smiling because I too am having work 'issues'. So know you are not alone, and if you want to do some East/West Coast synchronized smack downs, just let me know.

I think I'm ready to bring down the house here. At least you get cable is prison, which is more than I have right now...