16 October 2007


Do what you've been designed to do.

I met a man who, for the past 25 years, has been under the impression he is a horse.

But in the meantime, it's a good idea to work your day job with diligence until you can do what you been created to do full time.

Only he's not Mr. Ed, of course. He's not even a horse at all, though sometimes he gets hoarse.

For if you don't work your day job with diligence, and do just whatever is necessary, co-workers will despise your laziness.

He likes to talk alot-too much, in fact, and spends much of his work time on the phone-pretending he's a horse. . .or a yak.

His name is Woody Cedar-not his real name. We call him Cedar because he smells funny. I don't think he knows that.

Yep, 25 years, and still, he wonders why people don't recognize his horsey equine nature.

People who practice what they're designed to do, do not have to tell people what their gifts are. It will be self-evident over time.

I told him perhaps he's not really a horse, maybe just a jockey or even a horse trainer. Alas, he got mad and neighed at me.

Naysayers come and naysayers go. So, better hold on to your dream and not tell everybody what it is.

Woody Cedar wants a raise.

There is a good reason why the Master gave the lazy servant only one talent. He knew what the lazy creature was worth. . .knew his abilities and inclinations. Though the Master was called Cruel, he certainly wasn't stupid-and he was rich.

Do you think Woody Cedar is a horse? He is obsessed with Quaker Oats and sugar.

Apple trees produce apples, pear trees produce pears, and strawberry plants produce strawberries.


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