30 October 2007


3:54 AM

The very current time.

I am awake.

"Why?" I ask myself. "Because it is my job."

3:55 AM

Still awake. Typing. Looking at what I just typed. Want to sleep. Cannot stand to misspel words. Too impatient to use spellchecker at the end of post. Must delete entire word and spell it right. Can always see a mispelt word. Irritation. Tiredness. Thirstiness. I drank over 30 ounces of water in the past 5 hours and still dreadfully thirsty. Must be the salt from the spaghetti eaten earlier. Always must add chili powder to the can of spaghetti sauce. For who can eat it otherwise. Some do.

4:04 AM

Cold. It is cold in Virginia Beach now. In the 50s. Fahrenheit. Cold and dark. Cold and dark and dank. Wonder if the fellow at 7-11 got a new battery for his rusty van? I tried to help him. Honest. Tried to jump start his car. Nothing. Told him he needed a new battery. Did this knowledge move him? Who knows? He ran out of gas at 7-11 and told me so. Said it wasn't the first time it happened. The van had no tread on the tires. The guy wandered off to McDonalds and came back. Why did he go to McDonalds? Did he have a friend there? Do not know. Do know the guy wasn't the brightest light bulb.

4:11 AM

Cold. Still cold. Vaguely. . .anticipated something. Close to time to leave. Elvis will leave the building soon. I see a black chair. A dirty old thing that fallen humans have spent much time in. It reaks of evilness. Reminds me of slime. Dark things. And toads. There is something about the black chair that reminds me of a toad. An unclean reptilian thing. Not inherently good. A fallen creature. It should be burned. And the ashes buried in the Earth.

4:16 AM

Nose is cold. Not as cold as it was earlier. Warmer than 5 minutes ago. Thirstier. I ate ice cream this afternoon. Reeses Pieces ice cream with chocalate fudge, and in an edible waffle bowl. Heated it up in the microwave to make it easier to eat. After the spaghetti. And the hamburger and rice and italian dressing. Got the Italian dressing yesterday at Farm Fresh. Like Italian dressing. Not fat-free Italian dressing. That's bad. Bad taste and bad as in unhealthy bad. Detest fat-free food. Sucralose. Bad. Kills puppies. And maybe old people. Seniors should not eat sucralose. Bad. Unhealthy. Typing that last word just reminded me of salty peanuts. Mysteriousness. Such a long word with a limited meaning. God is such a short word for the infinite. As is the word 'sea.'

4:21 AM

I posted on this blog today. Somehow I feel like an astronaut in 2001: A Space Oddyssey. Like Dave Bowman. INTJ. Like the Keirsey temperament sorter. Puddleglum is an INTJ. Jason is an INTJ. 1% of the population is an INTJ. C.S. Lewis was an INTJ. Katherine Hepburne was too.


kludge said...

... Whoa!

Would love to be a better spell, but enough to actually work at, more like... I wish it would just happen.

Yes, spaghetti begs for spice. I like to get it from very spicy sausages but blah spaghetti is just gruel.

Black chairs are evil? noted.

Katherine Hepburn was an INTJ? That seems like an odd personality for anyone in the movies... very odd.

Jason said...

Just this one particular chair at work.

I refuse to sit in it.

It bothers me to no end, and I fancy it moves of it's own accord when I'm not watching.