02 October 2007

600 yards

As of yesterday, at 11:00 AM, we now live exactly 600 yards from the Atlantic Ocean.

I think God likes me. The place is a whole lot cheaper as I will be saving $300/month than the current place. I find it remarkable that for the past year, I had planned (in great detail mind you) on moving to Washington State, close to the Pacific. Perhaps one day, I will move there. . .I really want to. I miss mountains.

Unfortunately, I am blogging here at my former place, my sister is still at work, still has all the new house keys, and apparently does not remember where she put them.

And that is OK. Because the Chinese food was good and I found a buyer for this ridiculously heavy washer/dryer/noisemaker I've been trying to get rid of.

1 comment:

kludge said...

Ocean side... sweet!
No keys....bummer.
Chinese... yum!
Washer/Dryer sold...phew.

That's pretty nice list of pros. Even if you don't get to move out west yet...