16 September 2008

Election Day

This election is over.

Sarah won.

Perhaps not officially, but for all intents and purposes, she won. That doesn't mean we should all be fatalists and stay home on election day. We should all go vote for Sarah in November.

According to CNN.com,

"Online store CafePress sees Black Friday-like sales when Sarah Palin entered race
Palin listings on eBay spiked 354 percent last week; Joe Biden items fell 11 percent
eBay listings include Palin action figures, autographed photos, even toast"

I also saw where she had so many reporters following her she needed a second airplane.

Joe Biden had exactly six.

A very bored six.

6 is the number of man and not quite the perfect 7.

You know, her popularity is uncanny-not natural. I think Sarah has some kind of supernatural assistance the other guys don't have because you don't get this popular this quick. At all.


Confessions of an unfinished faith... said...

So I take it you're not a Palin fan...lol..You know she's an A/G girl.

Glad you got to visit Calvary Temple. Yea, sometimes I think things never change there...but it's always good to see familar faces.

Cambodia is amazing...learning everday...i hope to travel SouthEast Asia a lot during the next two years.

Jason said...

Actually I am a Palin fan. I was just feeling sarcastic that day and on the down side of a caffeine rush.

I'm voting for Sarah absentee ballot cette annee. . .you should too. Just mosey on over to the ambassador's place and fill out the paperwork.

I should write this post over.