10 September 2008

Success in Arkansas

I spent some time trying to find myself on the Googler, and lo and behold, I found success.

It's a tiny town in Northern Arkansas.

I drove through Arkansas a few years ago and it's actually a pretty cool state. . .rolling hills, mountains, trees galore, the Mississippi River, Little Rock (with the largest church I have ever seen in my life). . .sort of reminded me of West Virginia except the roads are better.

I googled my name and discovered 942,000 links for Jason Parrish. I think it's time to change my name.

Ocho Cinco-perhaps? Perhaps not. Diez y Veinte-Siete (my birthday)?

Hmmm. . .sounds doable.

Officially, I found myself at Latitude: 36:50:03N (36.8342) and Longitude: 76:02:27W. Only an approximation, of course, as I refuse to give out my exact location due to stalkers, the NSA, the IRS, and many people whose business it is to mind other's business.

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