08 September 2008

Sunday Afternoon Naps

They occur, on average, once a month on Sunday afternoons after 4-5 hours in church when its warm and sunny outside.

The dreams. The apocalyptic dreams.

Perhaps it is because I'm not used to sleeping in the middle of the afternoon. Anyways. . .I had another one yesterday.

I was standing on a type of outdoor patio attached to a tower and something resembling an enormous space shuttle, not quite, but it was the same color, passed just overhead of me with a loud whooshing sound. It seemed to me that the shuttle was having difficulty and it was trying very hard not to crash. Just before the space-like shuttle flew over, another jet plane, rather like an F-16, white and black in color, (somehow I don't think these two planes have been created yet) flew past making a dull droning sound. I perceived it was designed for stealth and that its material was designed to absorb sound waves. I believe it was flown by terrorists, but nobody knew this except me. (There were others standing around and they looked injured.) Then, somebody came out of the building and handed me a file with one of the shuttle occupant's medical records. The patient had been in space for quite some time and had very mysterious symptoms-like circles in their brain and small rectangle things in their blood cells. Also their brain cross-section x-ray showed severe burns in their auditory canals and a medical doctor asked me what it all meant. The strange thing was, I knew why but didn't tell him. Who knows??? What the doctor was showing me was top-secret information and he seemed scared out of his mind. Inside the tower (much larger than our largest skyscrapers) somehow was a thing like an indoor pond with a channel connected to the ocean. There were people floating in the water pretending to be dead and they had been there for hours-again because they were afraid. I also saw a large dead mutilated great white shark, and in another side pool, an inoperative mechanical great white shark built specifically to fool people and computers into believing it was the real thing. Again, I was the only one who knew this. The mechanical shark creature was built by a foreign government and designed for espionage.

This was a horribly vivid dream. Any ideas everyone? You can start psychoanalyzing me now.

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