04 September 2008

Sarah Palin is the New John Galt

. . .or Margaret Thatcher.

(Yes, I do like Ayn Rand-even though I disagree with her philosophy of life)

I did some searching on the Googler and Wasilla, AK seems like a very interesting place to live-if a little on the cool side. It makes me think of what the Alps and Pyrenees must look like.

BTW, if anybody out there cares to send me some moose burgers, I'll pay the FedEx bill. Curiosity, ya know.

Some predictions:

-I don't think the former community organizer has a chance against the lady who reminds me of my mom.

-Northern Exposure, once upon a time my favorite TV show, will return to cable asap.

-The next 60 days will see NBC, CBS, ABC, Slate.com, MSNBC, half of New England, Hollywood, and practically every university go out of their way to attack Sarah.

-These attacks will backfire and she'll only become wiser.

I don't think most media and city slickers know how to deal with Sarah. Because, let's face it, you have to be pit bullish to survive in Alaska. It's a little wild up there, unlike, say Boston, or LA, or Chicago.

Somewhere near Wasilla from onemansalaska.com/category/wasilla/

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