29 September 2008

The Road to Serfdom is paved with good intentions

The government bailout is not a good idea.

Solomon said he who puts up security for another is in for a bad deal. It is like co-signing a car loan with somebody with a FICO score of 385. . .or making the security deposit on an apartment all by yourself thinking that-yeah, the roommate will help me clean up and not break anything.

There's a reason why that one guy only got a single talent-he was inept. Giving money to an inept person isn't using wisdom. One really shouldn't do it with the expectation of getting a return on your money. Poor people, generally speaking, are poor for a reason. Here in the Land of the Brave one really cannot blame circumstances or environment. It's convenient, to be sure, but even a poor person with sense can get cents if they work on it.

Perhaps the economic crisis will result in the betterment of the country. In bad times, people are more apt to take a serious sobering look at Reality and make life-changes for the better. It's human nature really. I know a girl whose house burned down. I think now she knows that everything in this life is temporal-not permanent. She also makes sure all the potential fire-starters are shut off before leaving her house. I wish she was at the picnic this week-end as we had to use mosquito repellent to get the fire burning.

I'm not surprised to see the country in panic mode. When one trusts in oneself and lives for the moment. . .hope is lost, panic sets in, and fear guides your life. I read where Pope Benedict said,

'Optimism is only the facade of a world without hope that is trying to hide from its own despair with this deceptive sham. This is the only explanation for the immoderate and irrational anxiety, this traumatic and violent fear that breaks out when some setback or accident in technological or economic development casts doubt on the dogma of progress.'

I don't think things are quite as bad as they appear. Hey, gas is cheaper.

I see a country where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Another application of the 10 talent proverb man getting more.

I see a country where the wise get wiser and the stupid get dumber.
Another Law of Nature. . .minds in motion tend to stay in motion and brains at rest tend to stay at rest.

I see a country where the Media needs to get right and quit mocking Palin.
Rudolph never never got invited to the reindeer games either, but in the end, he was the one guiding the sleigh.

I see a country obsessed with education. . .people educated beyond their intelligence. Knowing too many facts based on the assumptions of Naturalism leads to madness.
Is it any wonder nearly half of the population suffers from some sort of mental problem?

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