22 June 2009

Shadow Men

People who constantly strive to please others by trying to be who everybody else thinks they should be do not really know their own self. As a result, they busy themselves since busyness helps their mind disregard the clanging sound of their inner turmoil. It is a vain attempt to quiet the confusion of their inner self.

When one works for quantity instead of quality, tries to do more than is right, he misses the point of Life and becomes miserable. Years of mindless activity causes one to dig a rut, and like a hamster running on it's treadmill, leads to a meaningless existence. America is full of men such as this leading lives of quiet desperation. You can see it in their eyes. It's difficult for them to focus and concentrate. Thinking turns into endless daydreaming, their instincts overrule their mind, and at the end of life their obituary should read What Might Have Been.

A man doing what he is not designed to do undergoes a type of living death. He's a zombie, a machine, and little more than an animal. He lurches forward in bits, scrabbling to-and-fro wherever the wind blows, and inevitably wears down. He grows weary of well-doing instead of doing well. But all men need to do something in Life, for this is the proper function of a soul. Sluggishness and slothfulness lead to stagnation of the spirit. Later, the spirit dries up and the resulting inactivity leads to an early grave.

A man doing what he ought to do will accomplish more than he thinks possible. This is because God placed this desire into his spirit, as part of His Will, and due to something like inertia-the man will keep going forward although sometimes not under his own power.

One must not look at one's self when working for doing so makes one's movements choppy and robotic. You become less human and very odd. You must be yourself, not watch yourself.

Staring at yourself in the mirror of your soul is gazing at something best seen by others. What is invisible to me must remain invisible to me lest I be tempted to make myself into a god.

A man doing God's Will casts a shadow of himself from God's light (or God's glory) since man was designed in the image of God. Watching yourself too closely or doing something you're not supposed to do is to remove yourself from the light thus blurring your vision. Now, two shadows are seen and after time, one forgets which is real and both shadows fight one another to decide who is the real man. This inner bickering manifests itself in the constant need to argue with others. Such a man is not happy because he doesn't know who he really is, has no purpose, and must depend on other's opinions to have anything like a real self. It's a direct result of the confused shadow men-simple cause and effect.

It is best for a man to forget himself and do God's Will. A man performing God's Will is like a spring-constantly bubbling forth and bringing life to others.

Do you see a selfish man? He is never satisfied living in the desert of his own desires. He drinks and is never satisfied for the water he drinks comes to him sporadically. He craves more and more, even stealing from others, and dries up eventually as a dusty cocoon wrapped up in himself.

"This is morbid", you say. It is. So, let a man listen to the voice of God, forget himself, and in time he will bring life to others. It's part of the Natural Law you know.

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