02 June 2009

Nothing Much Ado

Moving. Again. For the. . .what, 17th time this decade?

I moved this week.

This is a short-term apartment lease for a couple of months long-story please don't ask me any details but it has something to do with the government not funding certain programs I am involved with that requires a certain amount of silence on my part to help maintain the peace kind of situation. Got that?

(If the above isn't a run-on sentence, I don't know what is.)

The new temporary place is most cool. The builders took every available place and put a cabinet, closet, or bed into it. My bed actually is attached to the wall. You simply move a latch and lower it to the floor. The bathroom has a fold-up ladder that drops down from the ceiling to enter the attic. And it's all built close to the ground, and partially underground, so that the effect is a little like Bilbo Baggin's hobbit hole.

The place makes me want to write an adventure story in runes.

I should post some pictures as soon as I find which sock I put my camera in.

Long story. . .


kludge said...

Congrats on the new digs. Sounds like you are making the most of out a annoyance!

Sounds cool from here!

Jason Michael Parrish said...

It's a short-term arrangement. The good news is it's closer to work. The bad news is it's beside a large reservoir populated with exactly 121 water moccasins.

(Don't ask me how I know this)