18 June 2009

Descent in Ferality

Another effect of a falling society is an increase in boorish behavior. Manners do, in fact, manner. Coarseness is a characteristic of disorder. Unkemptness goes hand in hand with anarchy. Rudeness, lewdness, and mindless obsessions (such as excessive gaming and gettin' tattoo'd) are more signs of barbarism.

Take a look at this creature. This guy somehow managed to accidentally. . .somehow. . .tattoo 56 stars on a girl's face. I can hardly stand to look this pic. It should be intuitively obvious this guy isn't playing with a full deck.

Does not the very nature of his countenance tell you something is seriously wrong here?

'Ah, Jason, but that's just you're opinion.'

In a way, you're right. But I like to think my opinion is based upon Reason and objective principles.

Ultimate fighting, no matter what you think of it, thrives in barbaric cultures. While there certainly is a need to defend yourself, elevating fighting to a national pastime is a little ridiculous.

The trend we see in modern America leads from human to animal. More and more people are acting like beasts rather than acting like God. People are not living according to their spirit (their highest nature) and are being led by their lowest nature (their body or carnal nature.)

One of the purposes of the body-it being composed of matter-is simply to interact with the universe. But driving the car the wrong way inevitably leads to a wreck.

Unless something very significant happens soon, and I'm sure there will be, one of two things will happen.

1-America will turn into a totalitarian state or 2-She will turn into a large mob. Either way, the end result will be complete chaos.

I have hope for the good ol' US of A. Not a lot of hope in people, but hope in God. I hope God has mercy on this land and the country comes to their senses-quick.


kludge said...

AH! Wow, he's a looker!

Jason Michael Parrish said...

Something about him looks very unhuman. He's got more things hanging out with him than you can see.

kludge said...

I see a lot of that out here in San Fransicko. It looks just as weird close up.