29 June 2009


Once upon a time there were two kingdoms; The Land of the Bear and the Land of the Eagle.

The first kingdom was ruled by an evil tyrant with a pointy black beard.
The second kingdom was ruled by a three-headed monster.

Both kingdoms believed in equality, but some people were more equal than others.

The pointy-bearded leader of the Bears ruled by inflicting pain upon the masses whom he called the Proletariat. This made them cold, hard, and uncaring.
The Eagles' leader ruled by inflicting pleasure upon the masses whom it called the Working Class. This made them fat, lazy, and stupid.

The first kingdom tried to control people by banning books and erasing pictures of non-conformers in textbooks.
The second kingdom tried to control people by giving them everything they wanted and told them to get as much as you can.

Starvation and boredom became common in the Bear country.
Obesity and carelessness became common in the Eagle country.

The population didn't believe in much of anything in the first kingdom.
People believed anything in the second kingdom.

Both kingdoms were superpowers at the time due to the fact their earliest settlers were made of iron. But, somehow clay got mixed in with their descendants toes and made walking steady hard to do.

Neither kingdom fell in a day, rather, they gradually disintegrated into parts.

Sometime later, a massive stone or perhaps a large bulldozer, (things get sketchy here,) came by and flattened the two kingdoms so that everything was forgotten. Then, a new city was built in their place and it stands until this day.

I think it was because it was founded upon a better foundation.

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