26 March 2012

Day 5

This is the fifth day since I have been taking Levothyroxin (synthetic thyroid hormone) and I haven't noticed any significant changes. I do feel a slight bit better but this may be because I know I'm ingesting a chemical my body doesn't make much of anymore. I am also decreasing my daily runs to every other day and walking or bicycling the other days.

Does this mean I will have to cancel my big Seattle marathon plans in June? I think not. I may run the half-marathon instead...or simply run half the standard marathon and walk the second half. That will be a game day decision.

One effect I have noticed is the ability to concentrate better. Its a little odd knowing you've spent the last few years constantly forgetting small things like the location of your car keys. Once I even lost a pair of shoes...

I thinking writing every day helps mentally. Putting words down on paper exercises the brain and forces it to make neuronal connections that would otherwise never existed. Its like going out into the woods with a bulldozer and building new hiking paths for future explorations.

More later...

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