13 March 2012

The Eve of the Eve of the Ides of March

In celebration I ran 7 miles on a hot dusty road bordered by grassy fields that smelled of cow manure and fertilizer under the watchful eyes of many horses and a herd of dairy cows.

And for those of you who still read this blog...I ate two cinnamon pop tarts stuck together with peanut butter and a half quart of pomegranate-flavored green tea for breakfast. And for lunch/dinner I ate a plate of whole-wheat spaghetti using turkey as the meat instead of hamburger.

And if you still are here, reading or clipping your nails, I am wearing black adidas pants with a black long-sleeved cotton shirt and chewing blue gum.

I'm procrastinating, of course, and simply am posting these words until a wave of inspiration hits me in the back of the forehead...or the front of the forehead or...

I just remembered. I read the last half of Lance Armstrong's book It's Not About the Bike this morning.

OK. Times up. I'm through procrastinating.

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