23 March 2012

Hoppers and Snakes

3:11 P.M.

Just returned from another 7 mile run/walk/slog through the Virginia countryside. I saw the first grasshopper today and a second dead snake in the road. This definately confirms the arrival of Spring.

I also discovered yesterday I have pretty bad hypothyoidism and have started taking synthetic hormones to replace the ones my body has decided to stop making. This would explain my somewhat depressed behavior the last few years and my extreme lethargy where I would feel like I was camping out on Mt. Everest. Hypothyroidism means your metabolism is basically half that of normal. Even thinking is hard. (Hopefully) the thyroid hormones work and the fogginess lifts from my brain. I don't promise these posts will become more normal though. I still intend them to be quirky...and hopefully more lucid.

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