10 April 2012

A Day on the C and O Canal towpath

Yesterday. Westernport, Maryland. 18-mile-hike. Much walking. Much tiredness. Good weather.

One of the many small arches associated with the canal. This arch reminded me of the ruins of a medieval castle in Scotland and it got me thinking...All homes should have a rocky wall to give the place a sense of history.

Map of the Four Locks. By the Potomac River stands the remains of four lockhouses used to keep prisoners. For a few dollars one can stay overnight in one.

The sign reads, 'Danger-Dam Upstream' I could not help but think, 'As to the blessed upstream? Hmm...something strange is afoot on the Potomac...'

Reason #108 why people don't go on extended hikes with me.

The trail was literally covered with these blue flowers which looked like minature trumpets.

Close-up view of one of the blue trumpet flowers.

The road less traveled...except for week-ends and summer holidays.

Funky fungi on a Sycamore tree.

Waterfall over a dam. It looks like a minature Niagara.

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