13 April 2012

Anxiety is a sign of spiritual immaturity. While I've not been feeling anxious, I have been feeling restless lately in my spirit. It is hard to say exactly why, but I feel like I need to make a significant change in Life...and fairly soon. I have spent the past few years (decade really) living a somewhat reclusive Robinson Crusoe type life. And although it is quite peaceful, I feel that I need to be around other people on a more consistent basis. I think (this is a little hard to admit) I am a bit too opinionated and interacting more with others will help. Perhaps living in a slightly different culture??? Hmmm...I wonder how my brain would react to hanging around some hippy California people...or living with a band of gypsies in Romania...or...hmm...becoming a gold prospector in Bolivia.

I must think about this.

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