19 April 2012

I am spending my days reading philosophy/physics/theology books and pondering my role in the cosmos.

Am I really here?

Am I really just a compact mass of photons interacting with the fabric of space?

Lately I've decided that we're all 4-D actors running around on the stage called Earth while under the direct supervision of higher sentient beings. The ancients called them names like Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Gabriel, Michael, and Melchizedek. We don't believe in these fellows anymore because they're not empirically verifiable creatures and don't fit into our worldview. I like to think we are their pet creatures and like all pet owners know, you never interfere with a cat's life.

Last night I had a dream I lived in a trailer, with a pick-up truck, and a dog. In the back yard, beside the chickens, sat one of those stone giants from Easter Island...guarding the premises...intimidating the neighbors...basically just doing the 'speak softly and carry a big secret' thing. I don't know exactly what caused this dream, but I recall towards the end of it, there was a small earthquake and the Rapa Nui head fell onto the trailer. It was a total loss and I was forced to become an alpaca farmer in Idaho.

I have been to Idaho once. I don’t recall much about it as it was a dark and stormy night. Boise would be alright, but wintertime I'd have to migrate to southern CA and prune grapes or drive a bread truck or something.

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