27 November 2012


Just out of curiosity: Have you ever liked someone but told yourself that you didn't like them because they're not necessarily your preconceived type, even though that other person actually is your type. . .not yet. . .but certainly in the future. And you go out of your way to show that this other person is merely a good friend and that nothing will ever happen between the two of you, though you secretly wish it would. . .sometimes, yet not always. . .and not quite yet for reasons you're unable to articulate clearly. And that even though the chemistry between the two of you is perfect, if you got any closer. . .it would be less than perfect. . .and if you grew further apart it would also be less than perfect, though in a different way.

And that the other person feels exactly the same way?

And you know it. And they know it. And you know that they know what you know, and know that you know they know that you both know it. And neither one of you can do anything about it. And even to think about it is to commit some type of cultural or psychological taboo, because talking about it would simply spoil the perfect chemistry and so, as a result, you both end up not talking about this subject ever and try not to so much as even think or dwell about it, except on an unconscious level?

I think this is what the two protons in a helium atom go through and why large atoms are very unstable.

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