27 November 2012

Day 27

Today I am thankful for the Bermuda Triangle, Nessie, the U.S. Tax Code, Yetis, vanishing hitchhikers, crop circle technicians, and a fertile imagination that is prone to fantasy-like tendencies. I'm especially thankful I'm an introvert which has saved me from getting slapped on numerous occasions.

More thankfulness: (Since I’m feeling especially nice today)

I’m really thankful for spam…real spam…as opposed to regular spam, or SPAM spam, and certainly not the other spam, but the original spam. I’m also thankful for unambiguosityness in English, unlike…say english, or English english, or THE English. Don’t get me wrong-I’m thankful for THE English, but some English takes precedence over other englishes and Englishness in general.

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