05 November 2012


Five days.

That's how much time exists between me and my first ultra-marathon.

Saturday, I'm running for 24 consecutive hours, and by running I mean jogging/walking, not what most call running.

Clarification: It's what non-runners would call running; what marathoners would call jogging; what the LetsRun.com crowd would call walking; What hikers would call trekking; and my grandma calls, "yet another reason for you to settle down, get married, and have some sense in your life."

(I'm paraphrasing her)

My last long race was June 2012 at the Seattle Marathon.


If it looks like I'm the picture of seriousness with grim determination etched in my furrowed brow as I plow my way through 26.2 miles of Pacific Northwest asphalt...it's because I'm trying really hard not to cry.

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