12 November 2012

Forty-one miles.

That's how far I ran Saturday.

On asphalt.

Fueled by PowerBars, coffee, bananas, Gatorade, and pretzels.

Today I am in pain-not acute, nail-in-your-foot pain, just an overall aching sort of feeling in the quadriceps.

Below is a clip from the local news showing the early part of the race before mass feet carnage overwhelmed everybody. I also got interviewed...though she spelled my name wrong. I'm in the blue shirt running behind the blond girl for moral support.

http://www.wboy.com" title="WBOY.com: Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather">WBOY.com: Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather

I'll definitely try to run run of these again...not 24-hours (I stopped at 12 hours)...but certainly a 50-miler in the coming months.

After all, I kinda' look forward to seeing more hallucinations and images of the Virgin Mary in the sidewalk.

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