29 March 2007

The perfect description of me

INTJ - The Free-Thinker

especially the part that reads,

"Fellow workers of INTJs often feel as if the INTJ can see right through them, and often believe that the INTJ finds them wanting. This tendency of people to feel transparent in the presence of the INTJ often result in relationships which have psychological distance. Thus colleagues find the INTJ apparently unemotional and, at times, cold and dispassionate."

I think this explains why my co-workers sometimes walk around on pins and needles when working with me. Like last night for instance.

Mindless, repetitive activity is something we (us INTJ people) do when frustrated with life. I have found myself doing this lately and it frightens me. Like reading CNN.COM 10 times during the course of the day and pressing the 'next blog' button. I am obsessed with knowledge. I can literally read non-stop 16 hours a day and not think anything of it.

And I have always been this way.

When I was 3-years-old, I had a toy train that played a musical sound when it rolled across the floor. I would play with this toy train for hours until my mom hid it from me. But I wanted to hear the sound all the time, not just when it rolled forward across the carpet. And since the sound came from inside the train, it seemed reasonable to take the train apart. . .to get the sound. So, I took the train apart, which wasn't easy being child-proof. It took awhile, but I persevered. When the train was apart, there was no sound! I remember being perplexed. Then my mom (or me) put the train back together, but alas, the sound was never produced again.

Later, we went our separate ways. . .the train and I. . .not my mom.


kludge said...

I love it. It world seems so logical when you approach it at 3 years old. The sound is 'inside' and I want it 'outside'.

Some of us never learn this lesson. I'm always convinced that I can fix, better, or just look 'inside' anything mechanical. I'm still surprised when it doesn't work out, and sound and train are once again parted.

Jason said...

I still do things like this today.