30 March 2007

The tool catalog

I have just received what may very well be the coolest catalog printed in the English language. The master 2007 spring/summer Northern Tool + Equipment.

This thing is just. . .amazing. You can buy high-output solar panels, windmills, arc welders, toy tractors (pedal-powered), a couch that looks like the back seat of a 56' Chevy, all kinds of engines, 2000 watt light towers. . .in case you want to light up the entire county, steel cages for (I don't know. . .if a stray mountain lion visits, you'll have a place to keep it), floor lifts ($14,000 will get you one big enough for a school bus!), wood stoves, sawmills, giant slingshots, custom tractor seats, cast-iron hand pumps for pumping water out of the ground the old-fashion way, and much much more.

I'm thinking I could buy all this stuff and move to Alaska.

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