06 March 2007

The Age of Cleverness

People in good standing with God think clearly-more so than non-good-standing people. Non-Christians must find it harder to think. People who knowingly reject God have a great deal of a time trying to maintain any continuous thought. For when one rejects him, one shuts down the source of creativity and one is left with whatever is stored in memory. Now, one can only express that creativity in a perverted way.

If one rejects what one knows to be inherently good and true, one must repress this good. This repressing can only lead to mental illness (a disruption of normal thinking.) It's no accident that the Reformation and the Great Awakening coincided with the Age of Discovery. It's also no coincidence that when a society rejects God, that society begins a precipitous decline in novel ideas and creativity. Mediocrity becomes the norm, baseness is elevated to a god-like status. Everything and everybody turns coarse and rough. Shoddy. I mean, everything simply goes bad. Music, food, literature, movies. Rudeness increases, Patience leaves, fast food becomes popular, illiteracy increases, obesity gets classified as a medical illness. . .All falls apart.

I suppose one could make the argument about technology. But is not technology merely manipulating what we already know? That's what technology is. . .the application of (already known) knowledge. What can be called Cleverness. Nothing terribly new is discovered in an anti-Christian atmosphere.

Mature people are not easily swayed by their emotions. When mature people get hungry and have $3 in their pocket, they don't rush off to Burger King. Another thing I have noticed. . .They don't suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome.

I have been thinking much about prophecy, prophets, free-will, and predestination lately. Imagine how it must feel to have a perfect prescient awareness of your future. You'd turn fatalistic to the point of madness. (Unless you knew you weren't going to be mad.) Life would be dull. Free Will and Predestination would be essentially the same thing.

Not quite, really. It would be more like a journey with a known endpoint and many data points along the way. Then, another train of thought developed. About how photons seem to know where every other photon is. I'm talking action action at a distance and it's scary.

Most of the people I grew up with got stupid around their mid-20s. Perhaps it is because they rejected God and his attributes. It's amazing how forgetful people are in the Land of the Brave. I have had adults in this country ask me during the last few weeks. . .

How many states are there? um. . .50

What's the third place medal made of? bronze.

First is gold, and what's next. . .silver? yep

One guy I talked with thought the Himalayas were in Oregon. How do you respond to that???

"No, see. They used to be in Oregon, but they moved them see. Everest kept getting in people's way."

Another person thought that when astronauts go on a space walk, they do so on the moon.

This is why I enjoy watching people. Like squirrels, they amuse me.

I, Jason, wrote this at 4:12 AM whilst staring at a can of Campbell's Chunky soup. Grilled Chicken and Sausage Gumbo flavoured.

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kludge said...

"No, see. They used to be in Oregon, but they moved them see. Everest kept getting in people's way."

It's better that way... I didn't like the way they blocked the sun from Portland...